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New House
236 Descanso Ave
Construct new 3-level residence
145 Olive St
Construct New Residence
345 Eucalyptus Ave
Major Remodel / Expansion Of Existing Residence
333 Wrigley Terrace Rd
Demolish existing duplex, build new single family home.
345 Catalina Ave
Build New Duplex
155/157 Olive St
Demolish Existing Single-Story Home, Build New Two-Story Home
323 Beacon St
Demo Existing 1-Story House, Build new 2-Story House
310 Descanso Ave
339 Descanso Ave
Remodel Rear Apartments
315 Sumner Ave
Demolish existing house, build new house to combine with existing adjacent house
315 Sumner Ave
Remove existing single story house and construct two story house
230 Descanso Ave
New residence
349 Camino Del Monte
Build New House
108 Vieudelou Ave
Remodel / New Home
356 Sumner Ave
Remove existing retaining wall and construct new retaining wall with golf cart driveway
117 Maiden Ln
Build New House
Hill St
Build New 8 Unit Condo Complex
Beacon St
Add new deck
Beacon St
Add Steel Bracing
11 Lower Terrace Rd
Add New Yard Area
321 Sumner Ave
Grading and Improvements 5 Lot Subdivision
Vieudelou Ave
Yamaha Golf Car Shop, build new shop
115 Claressa Ave
Update older home
339-A Sumner Ave
Remodel kitchen
5 Canyon Terrace Rd
Interior update
365 Whittley Ave
Demolish existing house, replace with new 2 story residence
309 Descanso Ave
Main house construction
159 Crescent Ave
Build wall and entry to exhibit area
1 Casino Way
Build New Residence on Vacant Lot
345 Camino Del Monte
Demolish residence with 2 story unit in rear, build new residence with 3 unit apartment in rear.
159 Crescent Ave
Community Church re-roof
236 Metropole Ave
Remodel 72 hotel rooms
513 Crescent Ave
New 6-Unit Condominium Project on Vacant Lot
363 Sumner Ave
Kitchen/bath remodel
381 E. Whittley Ave
Demo Existing Single Story Residence, Build New 2-Story Home
231 Descanso Ave
Demo Existing Single-story Residence, Build New 2-story Duplex
203 Descanso Ave
Pete's House - Build New Residence on Vacant Lot
341 Camino Del Monte
Reroof Residence
103 Maiden Ln
Modify Single Residence to Create Duplex
222 Catalina Ave
Remodel Existing Residence
11 Lower Terrace Rd
Remodel Existing Single-story Residence, Adding New Second Story
226 Claressa Ave
Hotel Roof Deck Repair
708 Crescent Ave
Demo Existing Single-story Residence, Build New 2-story Spanish Style Residence
223 Descanso Ave
Remodel Office Complex
150 Metropole Ave
Demo Existing Single-story Residence, Build New 2-story Residence
219 Descanso Ave
Demo Single Story, Rebuild Two Story Residence
347 Eucalyptus Ave
Demo Single-story Duplex, Build New 2-story Duplex
328 Eucalyptus Ave
Demo Fire-damaged 3-story Apartment Building, Build New 3-story Residence
316 Eucalyptus Ave
Demo Existing 2-story Residence, Build New 3-level Residence
319 Sumner Ave
Demo Existing Single-story Residence, Build New 2-story Residence
329 Descanso Ave
Stone Storage Building
333 Las Lomas Rd
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